Bollywood and Women In India

Bollywood and Women In India

My friends ,

All of us in India , will agree that , Bollywood has been a very big influencer in depicting the position of Indian Women in our Society .

A close look at our Cinema and movies will reveal how well they have influenced our society .

It would not be wrong to say that rather than only depicting the true picture ( at times exaggerated though ) , our Movies / Cinema has rather influenced the thought process of the masses largely.

A close evaluation , on the changing trends will reveal that , untill about 10 years back , the women were only the tortured , helpless women either in the form of mothers or young women BUT their position was as weak as possible which evoked the most sensitive emotions in the audience . We generally saw the hero / He- man of their life coming to their rescue for everything possible thus strengthening their role as the weakling

In the 80’s …we suddenly saw a make shift change of the women in our movies . They were suddenly converted from the Dumb dancing damsels into girls / women who had started to realize that she had a voice of her own and subtly started carving out her position in the role / movie.

Off late , rather in the last 10 years , our movies are getting stronger with each passing year to portray our women as the strong headed Independent woman who has evolved from the weakling ( absolutely helpless state ) to the pretty damsel dancing around trees to THE absolutely daring independent women to FINALLY Women who are willing to challenge the whole world , and its rigid society to prove her point.

Fortunately , our masses and audience has really been appreciative of the women centric movies and thus our film makers are surely getting encouraged to promote this subject more .

Our Society on account of always being indirectly or directly being influenced by Bollywood is also witnessing a Sea Change and in the past few years and now , we see a 360 degree change in the way women are perceived .

In my following articles…I, Aman Syal shall discuss a few movies that have been bold enough to challenge and question a lot of conservative and sensitive issues ….which is a DARE for sure …

Stay Blessed …

Aman Syal