Business Consulting Vs Threat Anticipation

Business Consulting Vs Threat Anticipation

Business – as the word suggests is Business (Combination of Busy+Ness) with a commercial angle or commercial gain. Moolah which gets the world rolling is the basic essence of Business.

A lot of Business theories / books / laws that we read generally keep us learning and picking up new strategies that we can implement and try and be as successful as possible butis there actually a fool proof strategy that can ensure better performance or strategy for a successful Business.

With External Fluctuating circumstances that Business Environments are exposed to, I think it is more,Unpredictable Circumstances the Businesses are governed by. Businesses and related strategies need to be constantly evolved to deliver and adjust to the best suited strategy.

I,Aman Syal, a 3rd Generation Businessman to a family of Leading Entrepreneurs and industrialists, who always could manage things efficiently even during an age which was void of technology based Communication, constantly try and observe, Leading Businessmen, as colleagues and  friends (who also have had a successful Business Lineage).

 A major difference with the old age Business Environments and today’s age is primarily the small or the large markets that are now a real possibility.

As a Business Leader to a few very Successfully managed Businesses in Sectors Like Beauty, Automobiles and Hospitality, it would be surely correct to quote that Businesses are very well managed ONLY with the knack of sensing threats and using your Best strength and thus Strategy to counter them as far in advance as possible

“ Business Threat “ anticipation is a very important key factor/ key skill, which differentiates experience from a new well-bred Intern who might have graduated from the best “Business School“.

With evolved Business Environments the nature of threats has also changed and is also extremely region or countryspecific.  In my opinion, “Business Consulting “, is an expert opinion which helps Businesses evaluate their Strategies and thus create direction to reap BEST POSSIBLE BENEFITS to Businessmen and Businesses.

This form of Expert Advice in the form of “ Business Consulting “, thus imposes an extra responsibility on the “ Business Consultant “ , since generally such experts are Consulted for failing Businesses which would have implemented whatever know how their managers would have collated in their experience.

Business Consulting, the new Expert Opinion which can help you revamp and re-direct your Business and Direction…

Let’s continue this discussion on this WIDE topic in my next few articles.

Aman Syal