Equality in Marriage

A Husband Wife relationship , is the Best form of Companionship , Friendship that a Man and Woman can maintain lifelong BUT how true is it in today’s day and Age .

In Today’s Day and Age …though in our Metropolitan Town’s we claim Equality between both the genders and in a marital relationship …why do we see such rising numbers of fall out’s , divorces , short lived relationship’s.

A marriage .as an institution was more stable and necessarily long term rather life long unless this concept of Equality actually seeped in and became completely enforcing and accepted in our Indian Society .

Why were the earlier marriages life long OR Untill Death do us apart ? Weren’t these partners Equal in their Relationship ?

The Age old Institution of Marriage somehow seems to be getting weaker while the concept of Equality amongst two companions or partners gets stronger .

On close Evaluation I think all of us who have seen , witnessed or experienced the Success or Failure Stories of Marriages , we shall closely see that somehow the concept of Equality is either misunderstood or overrated in today’s marriages .

In fact a close look on the old generation marriages , will help us notice that though the husband seemed more dominant than the wife , in a lot of important matters , somewhere the wives held very important roles in taking all decisions on important matters pertaining to their children and family ,hence , in my opinion there were less clashes and Equality was very clearly defined in separate roles between both the partners.

In our today’s generation marriages somewhere the concept of Equality has been misunderstood or reduced to only liberties in wearing clothes of choice , late night parties , no boundaries of socializing but no clarity on roles and responsibilities which was the prime basis of two opposite gender people choosing to spend their lives together as a married Couple.

We need to somewhere review the concept of Equality which should be more specific to Women Empowerment and watching their rights on their Security , Respect from the partner , and not focus only on competing with each other . This Equality should be more focused on a natural understanding between both the partners wherein both of them comfort each other and never use this concept to Challenge the other’s position to be loved , Safe and respected.

Though this is a debatable subject , I see this concept of EQUALITY to be accompanied with a strong sense of responsibility and care for each other ….and most importantly to be driven by selfless love for each other.