Immigration to the European Union

Immigration to the European Union

Today more and more Indians are looking for options/ opportunities to Migrate to the West, Indians have generally considered the United States and Canada as preferred Immigration options. For some reason the European Union, especially the Schengen Zone within the European Union has missed their attention.

The European Union/ the Schengen Zone actually provides an extremely attractive and lucrative option for Immigration, on account of it being one large market without any Border related Travel/ Trade restrictions, thus presenting a large market with a very high Buying power with an extremely robust consumption pattern.

Immigrate2EU an Immigration Consulting Firm concentrating on providing a comprehensive consulting solution for Immigration to the European Union, with an error-free, end to end handling of the process.

Aman Syal the Immigrate2EU CEO has been a mentor and guide to Aspiring Immigrants to the European Union, from different parts of the world.

Types of Immigration options available:

• Immigration through Investment – Those desirous of a quick immigration option culminating if issue of a Permanent Residence Permit or even a Passport (options and Investment requirement varies from country to country).

• Business Immigration – Those desirous of genuinely Immigrating with an Interest in doing Business in the European Union, there are multiple options available in the carious EU Member States, with varied requirements/ goals in the incorporated business with very clearly quantified/ measurable objectives.
For aspiring Business Immigrants Immigrate2EU provides a completely customized packages with varied support levels, which include support with an end to end Immigration process, identification of multiple self created/ franchised business opportunities, property investment options, settling down support packages etc.

• Immigration for Retired Individuals – Austria provides a Unique Immigration option for wealthy Retired Individuals who would like to make Austria their future home. Vienna is an extremely popular option with Senior Citizens.

• Immigration through Employment–Those interested in Immigration to the European Union with a Job Offer can also depend on Immigrate2EU to help them nurture and achieve their dream. The option depends on availability of the correct/ suitable job opportunities for the aspiring immigrant. We work closely with the applicant and work towards identifying suitable employment opportunities in line with the applicant’s experience/ qualifications.
Our teams work overtime to match the available opportunities with the desire and competence, on identification of the same our teams manage the entire process for the applicant, as a comprehensive solution with an end to end support package.

Aman Syal