Mothers : Mom , Mummy , Maa …so Many Names

God’s most beautiful and amazing Creation has been us , humans.

It is amazing to learn from our Science Books how our body’s and Human Life is the most evolved form of life on this planet …and who creates this life of this planet ?

Who are the creators of human life on this planet ?

Yes , we all know , WOMEN , who we address as Mothers , Mom , Maa ….

Mothers are often referred to as the only relationship in the entire world which offers unconditional Love and Sacrifices …So True… , a fact that each one of us who have been Blessed with Mothers have experienced and shall vouch for , our entire life .

I have also seen and observed a lot of Women rather Mothers , who whether Educated or Uneducated manage their roles so effortlessly….

At times I wonder , who has taught these Management Skills to these Women who irrespective of their Age , Education , Exposure Levels suddenly transform into the most effortless and efficient managers , as soon as they become Mothers …

They Say God has his own ways…

God Created Mothers ….because he could not be everywhere ….everytime to take care of his most beautiful creation … US , his Children …

Aman Syal