The Untrained but Most Efficient Managers ….WOMEN

If we all sit back and think ….even as Men…BUT putting our Male Ego’s and Conservative thought process by the side…we will honestly have a lot to be thankful for to these WOMEN , who surround us in so many forms , may be , our Mothers , Sisters, Wives , Friends , Mother-in-laws , Caretakers and so on.

In today’s age we see a lot of Women …managing Careers and their homes effortlessly.

Women and their Careers or jobs can be anything from a blue collared job to a white collared Job…irrespective of the nature …it is so amazing to notice how these super talented women manage al these roles so efficiently and effortlessly.

Most important to note is that these amazing WOMEN at times are not even educated at all …I wonder who and how they get trained and ensure that the level of slip up’s are either ZERO or negligible by ensuring the highest level of Micro-Management.

If we ever want to compete with a Woman’s level of Management …the most well trained and highly educated MAN shall have to give up or surrender …

Lets all of us and try to learn from the BEST , our WOMAN MANAGERS …

Kudos to these Women , for managing our life and our World with so much Grace , Efficiency and lastly GLAMOUR .

Aman Syal