Indian Family Owner Business Vs New Advice of a “Business Consultant”

Indian Family Owner Business Vs New Advice of a “Business Consultant” Indian Business Houses , no matter how successful they would be in the past and present constantly require a need based evolution Strategy . Our age old Business Strategies – which have survived extinction are though the most promising and proven BUT are atRead more about Indian Family Owner Business Vs New Advice of a “Business Consultant”[…]

Immigration to the European Union

Immigration to the European Union Today more and more Indians are looking for options/ opportunities to Migrate to the West, Indians have generally considered the United States and Canada as preferred Immigration options. For some reason the European Union, especially the Schengen Zone within the European Union has missed their attention. The European Union/ theRead more about Immigration to the European Union[…]

Equality in Marriage

A Husband Wife relationship , is the Best form of Companionship , Friendship that a Man and Woman can maintain lifelong BUT how true is it in today’s day and Age . In Today’s Day and Age …though in our Metropolitan Town’s we claim Equality between both the genders and in a marital relationship …whyRead more about Equality in Marriage[…]

Marriage : Man Vs Woman

Since Ages Marriage is an Institution which prevails and exists since the longest time…An institution which has been existing in the most accepted form BUT been the most Controversial in its own sweet way. Controversy and Marriage…what am I saying ? Yes , Controversy only in a very Sweet Way where ….a Man and aRead more about Marriage : Man Vs Woman[…]

Our Building Blocks

I have been a strong believer of the fact that women are the only pillars that exist in all forms of relationships. Women start their Journey as daughters , Sisters then Mothers and the list goes on …. We see Women as successful entrepreneurs, Homemakers and the list is endless , even when it comesRead more about Our Building Blocks[…]